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The number of new threats is ever-increasing. Furthermore, there is a delay between the appearance of a malware threat and when anti-malware engines can detect it, thus organizations are potentially exposed to malware outbreaks if they are only using one or two antivirus engines.

By using multiple anti-malware engines at once companies can significantly increase the chance that a new threat is quickly detected and remediated. Referring to our research, with 8 engines, over 84% of threats can be detected, but with 20 engines, detection rates approach 99%.

Prepare for Advanced Threats with Multiscanning

Multiscanning with signature-based, heuristic, and machine learning technologies

OPSWAT Multiscanning uses signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technologies to provide the highest detection rates and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.

1 versus multiple AV engines

Most vendors deliver only 1 AV engine in their Email Gateway Solution (see here).

According to OPSWAT research, for Multiscanning equipped with 8 antivirus engines, users might be exposed to a malware outbreak for 4 days, while in the other scenario of 20 engines applied for Multiscanning, the duration is shortened to a few hours. Email Gateway Security with Multiscanning technologies provides up to 20 anti-malware engines to reduce average exposure time. For more details, click here!

The preferred multiscanning solution by partners

Scanning with 20 AV engines delivers the best anti-malware solution.

Partner Testimonial

Multiscanning Efficacy

The more anti-malware engines used, the more effective the solution is. In a test of the top 10,000 active threats, Multiscanning achieved 84 percent detection with 8 engines and over 98 percent detection with 20 engines.

Threat detection matrix

Our email gateway security solution provides up to 20 anti-malware engines to provide the highest protection against malware outbreaks. The more scanning engines are added, the more top-threats are detected, providing more value-added with each MetaDefender Email Gateway Security package increment.