Email Security

Dispose of Spam
with Machine Learning Technologies

Prevention with AI-based engine

Besides the signature-based engine, a neural network is implemented into our anti-spam solution. If a user receives seemingly legitimate emails, the engine may decide to still flag them as spam.

Why is spam catch rate important?

When spam catch rates are high, users experience powerful malware and phishing catch abilities which provide a significant advantage in email security. Our solution delivers one of the highest ratios at 99.88%.

What is a false positive?

This is another priority in vendor comparison for anti-spam protection. A low false-positive rate helps users prevent real-time spam outbreaks. We deliver almost zero false-positive rates and the highest spam-catch rate, providing superior protection.

Significantly reduce SPAM

Our detection approach doesn’t rely on user awareness instead, it delivers a mixture of technologies:

  • Full multi-threading and concurrency scan through a wide range of blacklists.
  • Scan embedded images in the body of emails, as well as in the attachment. Image-filter detection matches different fingerprints to identify if it has recent spam history.
  • Uncover executable codes in certain types of attachments (e.g. office, pdf documents).
  • Our detection is not influenced by language or regional attributes.