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MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

Real-time detection of phishing, BEC, and account takeover attacks is difficult. Many email security products are not effective against malicious hyperlinks embedded in emails. As a consequence, users may be directed to malicious websites where they are exposed to cybercrime.

The anti-phishing feature of MetaDefender Email Gateway Security addresses phishing attacks on multiple stages. Emails with known phishing links are blocked. Remaining emails with potentially malicious links are defused. The reputation of URLs is checked every time they are visited.

Industry-leading Anti-phishing

For accurate detection of potential phishing emails, our email gateway security product uses the following approach to filter emails:

Smart link-protection

To uncover potential phishing attacks, URL analysis is applied for intercepting malicious emails before they reach a user’s inbox. Our Email Gateway Security product checks the embedded URLs in the body of the email message.

IP and domain reputation check

The reputation check of the sender’s IP address is also processed by our anti-phishing engine.

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Content reputation check

Perform a complete reputation check of the email headers and body. Our anti-phishing solution processes the FROM address, the FROM domain, the REPLY-TO address, and telephone numbers if any.

Real-time click analysis

When a hyperlink was not detected as a known-phishing attack at the time of processing, users will still be under protection. MetaDefender Email Gateway Security performs an additional URL reputation check at the time of clicking.

Hyperlinks in emails are redirected through the MetaDefender Cloud reputation service for a further check so the user can be notified of any risks.

Machine learning with advanced heuristic prediction

Our anti-phishing provides an advanced heuristic filter and a spear-phishing filter to deliver better scanning results against BEC targeted emails.

Signature-based detection with Cryptocurrency filter.

Life is easier if unsolicited emails are not delivered. When the cryptocurrency filter scans the content of the email, it will automatically determine if it is spam or not, according to the context of how the cryptocurrency appears.