PacketFence + OPSWAT

PacketFence and OPSWAT have combined their technology to create the optimum joint network access control (NAC) solution for IT administrators. Through integrating MetaAccess with their NAC solution, PacketFence's NAC leverages MetaAccess's endpoint assessment and detection capabilities for robust endpoint management. This combined solution allows network administrators to easily monitor the compliance of every endpoint, to remediate any endpoint if necessary, and to control and restrict network access.

Joint Solution Components


  • Advanced detection and enforcement of endpoint compliance
  • Ensure endpoints are not an entry point for malware, especially in BYOD environments
  • Admins can view all devices on network, and the compliance and posture of each individual device, at a glance
  • Easily restrict access for devices that should not have network access
  • Seamless registration and monitoring of new devices

We are very excited to partner with OPSWAT to build this integration. The compliance checking capabilities that MetaAccess can offer PacketFence customers will allow them great visibility and control over the security of the devices that join their network.

Ludovic Marcotte
Chief Executive Officer

Additional Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender with PacketFence solutions, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, free, and open source network access control (NAC) solution. Boasting an impressive feature set, including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, powerful BYOD management options, 802.1X support, and layer-2 isolation of problematic devices, PacketFence can be used to effectively secure networks “ from small to very large heterogeneous networks.

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