OPSWAT and INFODAS have partnered to offer NATO, EU and German SECRET approved threat-free high-speed low latency data transmission from unclassified to classified networks as well as secure patch management of classified networks. The INFODAS SDoT product family of hardware security appliances currently offers the most comprehensive and government evaluated cross domain solutions on the global market for network security and data leakage prevention (DLP) that enable digitization in government, defense, intelligence, homeland security and critical infrastructure.

The unidirectional SDoT Diode or the bi-directional high-assurance guard SDoT Security Gateway ensure logical domain separation at all times can be combined with Metadefender and Kiosk to ensure that malware free data enters sensitive networks. The products can also be combined with Vault for secure file storage and retrieval. Finally automatic patch management of isolated networks is enabled by combing Metadefender with 35+ or more anti-malware engines, SDoT Security Gateway and PATCH.works.

Joint Solution Components


By deploying the integrated OPSWAT MetaDefender with INFODAS’ SDoT Product Family, you will be able to

  • Directly connect classified or formerly isolated networks up to SECRET
  • Protect against malware and zero-days
  • Protect against sensitive data leakage
  • Malware scanning with more than 35+ anti-malware engines
  • Unidirectional connectivity up to 9.1 Gbit/s
  • Highly customizable filters for HIGH to LOW data transfer for any type of structured or unstructured data object
  • Easy information assurance system accreditation due to general EU, NATO and German SECRET approvals
  • Highly flexible for multiple use-cases
  • Proven in harsh and mission critical environments
  • Ensure automatic patching of air-gapped systems with malware free patches

OPSWAT’s and INFODAS’ product range are highly complementary and solve real-world information security issues of clients that need to digitize for multi-domain operations, Industry 4.0 or enhanced collaboration. This is a great combination of German security-by-design software engineering with US Silicon Valley ingenuity.

Thorsten Ecke
Managing Director, INFODAS

About Partner

INFODAS is an independent, family owned business founded in 1974 in Germany. The company develops innovative cross domain solutions based on security-by-design principles and provides Cybersecurity and IT consulting to government, defense and commercial clients. INFODAS SDoT product family cross domain solutions (SDoT Security Gateway, SDoT Software Data Diode, SDoT Labelling Service, PATCH.works) are approved up to German, EU, NATO SECRET and are listed in the NATO information assurance catalogue.

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