Ayehu + OPSWAT

OPSWAT and Ayehu jointly provide an enterprise-class IT process automation solution for IT administrators. Ayehu's eyeShare™ integrates with MetaDefender by OPSWAT to provide a highly secure, customizable automation tool for protecting endpoints from known and unknown threats. Joint customers leverage the features of both Ayehu's powerful, flexible solution and MetaDefender's vulnerability detection, deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR), and multiscanning with 35+ or more anti-malware engines using signature and heuristic scanning.

Gabby Nizri

Chief Executive Officer

Discusses the benefits of partnering with OPSWAT

Guy Nadivi

Sr. Director of Business Development

Sharon Cohen

Professional Services Manager

Taeil Goh

Chief Technology Officer

George Prichici

Product Manager

Webinar - How to Detect & Resolve Today's High Profile Threats

Joint Solutions


  • Vulnerable or unpatched applications identified with the MetaDefender Vulnerability Engine
  • Potentially malicious content removed from files with deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR)
  • Both known and unknown threats detected by scanning with 35+ anti-malware engines using signature and heuristic scanning
  • Routine security-related tasks automated so SOC Analysts are freed up to address more complex issues
  • Incident response times cut by up to 90% with predefined solutions and playbooks
  • Rapid containment, remediation, and recovery from cyber security attacks

Integrating Ayehu's solution, creating workflows and creating automated processes together with OPSWAT MetaDefender...creates a closed loop for malware detection and response that [allows for] quick resolution for detected incidents.

Gabby Nizri
Chief Executive Officer

Additional Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender with Ayehu's eyeShare™, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

Ayehu provides IT Process Automation & Orchestration solutions for IT and Security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents and enable rapid containment, eradication, and recovery from cyber security breaches. Ayehu provides customers greater control over IT infrastructure through automation. Ayehu solutions have been deployed by major enterprises worldwide and currently support thousands of IT processes across the globe.

About Product

Ayehu eyeShare arrives with a rich library of IT Process Automation templates, which can be implemented immediately. Each task is designed as a workflow containing procedures, control-flow conditions, and triggers for a specific environment. Automated workflows can be scheduled or triggered by specific events or conditions. For example, an automated task may be triggered by disk space or memory reaching a certain level, or by a change to a security policy. Workflows can be easily configured and modified using the eyeShare drag-and-drop visual environment. Adding or modifying steps can be done with no need for coding and scripting.

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