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OPSWAT and FastTrack Software share a strategic partnership, providing a cloud solution for network administrators designed to protect systems from untrusted software.

Many organizations allow users to maintain local administrative privileges, so there is a big risk of installing harmful applications and infecting the infrastructure. To prevent the risk, the administrators have to do countless remote installs and implement whitelists ahead of time. However, this leads to other problems. First, admins cannot always anticipate the users’ needs. Second, whitelisting files does not mean those files are safe. Finally, this process is very resource extensive, especially considering that IT admins have much more daunting tasks to complete.

Admin by Request and OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Cloud have an integration that eliminates the need for whitelisting and reduces the risk of unkowlingly installing malicious content. Users are allowed to download applications if, and only if, they pass the OPSWAT check. Admin by Request trusts MetaDefender Cloud to inspect the files in real-time using 20+ anti-malware AV engines. The detection rates provided by OPSWAT are close to 100%, ensuring trust to any IT organization which installs Admin by Request onto endpoint devices.

Admin by Request will soon add a new feature, integrating with OPSWAT’s MetaAccess, a solution designed to report endpoint vulnerabilities, ideal for the BYOD or WFH scenarios.

Joint Solutions

Managing an organization’s infrastructure is a big responsibility. The administrator's success is the network’s safety and effectiveness, which means all applications are running, there is no or very little downtime, users are satisfied with their tools and can focus on their activity, managers can easily keep track of business. It is a big challenge especially for medium and big companies, where the technology volume and speed of data transfer are high and a business continuity plan is imperative. That is why our solution now provides also the malware detection functionality, supported by OPSWAT's MetaDefender Cloud service. This feature makes sure that the system will not be compromised by malware. The malware diagnosis received by the administrator is a solid base to decide which files run with administrative privileges, with only two clicks away. We are happy that we now provide an even more complex solution, that answers our customers' biggest needs.

Lars Sneftrup Pedersen

About Partner

Admin By Request is developed by FastTrack Software. FastTrack Software is a global leader in developing tools for systems administrators. They are headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark with major offices in United Kingdom and United States and smaller satellite offices in a number of other countries.

FastTrack Software was founded in 2006 by systems administrators with the basic idea of creating simpler tools for other systems administrators. In 2008, the first public version of FastTrack Automation Studio was released, which is a management tool to manage endpoints and end user profiles in an organization. A few years later, Admin By Request was released, which offers a radically different approach to the local admin rights problem.

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