OPSWAT Access Control certifications update for November 2021

In the month of November, 10 products were certified, and three failed the OPSWAT Access Control Certification Program (OACCP) manual and automated test harness. Also, one of our partners, Cybereason, issued a press release on November 10, announcing the awarded Gold certification.

Awarded Certifications


Certified Product

Vendor Name

Gold Anti-malware


Cisco Secure Endpoint Connector 1.x for Linux

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.3 for Linux

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.4 for Linux

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.5 for Linux

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.3 for Windows

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.4 for Mac

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.5 for Mac

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cisco Secure Endpoint 7.5.1 for Windows

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.4 for Windows

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


Cortex XDR 7.5 for Windows

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.


3 products failed testing

Whether an enterprise is using SASE,VPN or Zero Trust network access (ZTNA), establishing endpoint security compliance is a prerequisite for securing access to critical data. Unchaining users and devices to forgo of traditional perimeters and reach data on-demand mandates reimagining how information technology is architected. For close to two decades, the majority of leading access control vendors, including those in AV, EDR, XDR and disk encryption, have trusted OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework to provide a strong level of assurance in isolating risky devices while enabling the compliant ones.

The OPSWAT Access Control Certification Program (OACCP) provides the foundation for OESIS Framework and is the most comprehensive method for verifying device compatibility and security effectiveness. OACCP provides the device security compliance framework to inform the IT teams how to minimize remote access threats and attain ZTNA efficiency.

Find out more about OPSWAT’s Access Control Certification Program, as well as the compatibility and security effectiveness criteria.

Submit your application or learn more details about the certification process by sending an email at certification@opswat.com and our team will get back to you with all the information. Learn why the majority of access vendors choose to partner with OPSWAT by contacting us: oem@opswat.com

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